Divine intervention

I have been blessed with a few times in my life that God has stepped in and literally saved my life. I have not told many people of my experiences but lately I have felt a calling to share with others.

When I was a teenager (I think I was 16 at the time) I was homeless and on the streets. It was winter time and very cold so the shelters started getting a line up about 3 hours before they actually opened up.  I had been very sick at the time  (I found out later I had pneumonia) so I wanted to make sure I got a bed before they filled up. I got in line probably about 2 1/2 hours before it opened and already there were around a half a block of people lined up in front of me. I knew I was getting worse and at some point I actually started to become delirious.  I literally did not know what was going on around me and really didn’t know where I was or what I was doing. Early on when I was still somewhat lucid I knew I was getting bad and remember praying to Jesus to save me. I am certain that I would have died that night if God had not answered my prayers. Even if I would have made it to the time they opened up the doors I don’t think I was lucid enough to understand what was going on and go inside or even stand up again.

A priest was driving by and stopped across the street from me (funny how I had no idea what was going on around me but I remember that). He walked straight to me and asked me if I needed help. I don’t think I even made a coherent response. He took me to his house bundled me in blankets and put a  space heater in front of me. He watched over me, fed me broth when I woke for a few moments and made sure I got a hot bath and washed my clothes while I recovered. He cared for me for a few days until he was sure I would live. I went to the hospital and found out that I had pneumonia and that it was very serious (but by that time I was actually much better than we he found me).

Now for the parts that made it miraculous.

After talking with the priest I found out that first of all he went out of his way that day. It was not his normal route home but something kept telling him to go that way. Next is that right when he got to me he heard a clear message to “stop” so he did right across the street from me. He was guided right to me and knew who to go to even though there were probably 50 other people lined up on that street that were sitting on the curb in line just like me in every way. I did not signal to him or do anything to guide him to me, I was so delirious at that point I really had no idea what was going on. God saved my life that night.


In the beginning…..

I guess I will start off by defining what this blog is about. I want to eventually get a biography of my life together and maybe just a bit of my thoughts and ideas. I want to put down some of the many random memories and thoughts that come into my head and at some later date organize them into a story of some kind. My memory is very strange and I imagine that some of my blogs will be very random and possibly without meaning. I am ok with that. If nothing else maybe some relative, friend (or wife) might look at it and say “I think he needs psychiatric help, maybe we should commit him”. I am ok with that (ok maybe a little not ok with that). Anyways, do not expect much or for me to post new things often. I am very sporadic on when and what I wish to write. I will try to organize things by recent events, old events, family events, military events, ect. but I imagine it will be quite jumbled at first.